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Hugo Allen character outline

As a part of the class “An Introduction to Screenwriting“ from Futurelearn, that I’m taking, here’s a character outline of the character Hugo Allen, whom I played in the movie The Hugo Allen Experience.

Hugo Allen
Hugo Allen, promo shot

List the character’s major actions. Start from the end and work backwards. (Don’t analyse how or why; just create a list of actions.)

  • Starts acting nicer, when he feels good about his life.
  • Deserts his friend, when it gets too personal and “real”.
  • Tries to pursue his dream, when thrown a bone.
  • Goes into destructive denial when he loses his chance
  • Acts arrogantly when given the power to fulfill his dream.
  • Tries to secure the promise of his dream by bugging an office.

Analyse the list to reveal the character’s wants and needs. Is the character aware of what they want?

  • Is dissatisfied and bitter about his disappointing career.
  • Is willing to break rules to get what he wants.
  • But is unwilling to work hard and consistently on it. Or unaware that he needs to.
  • Doesn’t handle failure constructively, blames others.
  • Feels powerless, so he exercises power over other people whenever given the opportunity.

Describe how the character thinks and look at his or her basic psychology. Intelligent? Intellectually engaged? Cognitive Biases? Impulsive? Cautious?

  • Intelligent, eloquent and witty.
  • Narcissistic.
  • Impulsive, not in control of his emotions.
  • A low self esteem makes him a bully.

Describe the character’s superficial affect. How might a casual acquaintance describe them?

  • Charming and likable, when he tries. A complete jerk when he doesn’t.

List any important physical characteristics

  • Middle-aged, past his prime.
  • Decent-looking, but not in the best shape anymore.

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