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What if you could see staff costs when booking a meeting?

Meetings, meetings and more meetings is something most people book as long as people keep showing up. We don’t normally get an invoice for the cost of the time we take from the attendees, so we have little incentive to care.

What if the meeting booking application could calculate the staff costs when planning the meeting?

Based on the participants hourly cost, you simply add it all up and display it so the organizer can see it when booking the meeting.

Showing the actual cost of the meeting in money, would make people think twice. Maybe they would book less people for less time. Or even better, rethink the meeting, have a crystal-clear purpose and a solid agenda,to justify the meeting both to themselves and to the participants.

Another positive effect of being reminded of the true cost of a meeting, is that you would realize just how, in comparison, trivial the cost is of treating people to some food or pastries during your (now 20-minute-long) meeting.

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