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Fit Forever by Dolph Lundgren – Review

Fit Forever is the fitness book (for lack of a better term) by action star Dolph Lundgren.

The book is both a training manual and a biography, where the open and self-disclosing stories of his life serve as both a relevant background as well as a motivation to the workout routines.

As far as the physical part goes, it’s pretty much what can be expected. Some general personal advice and examples, some workout programs and some nutritional tips.

What sets the book apart from many others like it, is that it doesn’t assume that the reader will be able to rearrange his life to completely and live by the book’s gospel. It rather tells of how to keep the best routine you can while dealing with all the distractions and intrusions of a busy life.

So my favorite part of the book is the No Excuses workout program. It’s a short intense workout that requires no training tools, and is designed to be performed when you don’t have time to go to the gym. 15 exercises for the whole body in 15 minutes including warm-up. According to Dolph these aren’t just a bunch of standard exercises for the whole body, but an ultimate combo that he has experimented with and worked hard to perfect over many years to get maximum results.

I perform the No Excuses workout several times a week, usually at 6.30 in the morning while my 11-month-old son sits next to me on the floor raking though his toys, enjoying a fresh diaper.

At the time of this writing the book is only available in Swedish, but an international edition is expected in 2012.

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