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Free Voice samples

Generic voice samples you can use for free

Use them: 

As a mockup voice on your draft proposal

In your podcast

In a song

On your voice mail 

Usage examples

Ideas for more samples?

Shoot me an email 

Legal Notice

Full permission is granted to use these recordings, as part of your production, including commercial work. No attribution required.  Get creative! Have fun!

Permission is NOT granted for using any of these recordings as a base or input for creating any type of software, including but not limited to speech synthesis.

Permission is NOT granted for reselling the original recordings.


A new podcast Download
New podcast Episode Download
Welcome to this podcast Download
Welcome to our podcast Download
This has been our podcast Download
Your favorite podcast Download
Your new favorite podcast Download
The successful podcast Download
Podcast available now Download
New podcast episode available now Download
Available wherever you get your podcasts Download


We are live Download
Coming to you live Download
We are streaming live Download
This is a live stream Download
We are broadcasting live Download
This is a live broadcast Download
We are recording live Download
This is a live recording Download


Welcome Download
Ladies and Gentlemen Download
Tonights feature presentation Download
The moment youve all been waiting for Download
The event of the year Download


Brought to you by Download
First a word from our sponsors Download
Our sponsors are Download
Sponsored by Download

Steps 1-10

Step 1 Download
Step 2 Download
Step 3 Download
Step 4 Download
Step 5 Download
Step 6 Download
Step 7 Download
Step 8 Download
Step 9 Download
Step 10 Download


2022 Download
2023 Download
2024 Download
2025 Download