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Never answer the same telemarketer twice

A drop dead simple lifehack for never answering a telemarketer twice, which I’ve been using for years.

  • Create a contact named Telemarketer in your phone.
  • Get a call from a telemarketer, and you more ore less politely tell him or her that you are not interested in buying anything.
  • Every time a new telemarketer calls you, you add their number to that contact.

So if a telemarketer calls from the same number again, it shows up at Telemarketer and you simply don’t answer.

If you like, you may also set a custom ringtone for that contact.

Simple and works on most phones.

The icon of the nasty green telemarketer is by Michael Gullbrandson  and is used by permission.

1 thought on “Never answer the same telemarketer twice”

  1. I found, after a few weeks, that a custom ring tone is a must. There are so many situations when you actually don’t pick up your phone and look at the screen when you answer (listening to music/podcasts commuting to and from work, for example) that yoa accidentaly take the call!

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