Review of “The Benevolent Deception” by Aiden L. Bailey


Aiden L. Bailey’s debut novel and first in a series, “The Benevolent Deception”, initially caught my eye when I noticed the creative and modern guerrilla marketing techniques utilized but the author on social media. Based on this positive first impression, I purchased the Kindle edition, expecting something progressive and intelligent, and I was not disappointed.

The opening sequence in a Land Rover driving down a bumpy dirt road in a conflict-ridden Nigeria, puts me right into the action, while introducing the main character – the security worker Simon Ashcroft.

Three stories are intertwined into a thickening plot throughout the book. While the first signs of the big deception come early on, there is a constant suspense as clues emerge one by one.

benevolent-chapter-1What I like most about the book is probably its intelligent characters. Personally I can’t stand characters displaying an irrational downright stupid behavior, just to accommodate the plot. Not thinking clearly, may be common and realistic human behavior, especially in extreme situations. But personally, as a reader or movie audience, it frustrates me to see characters, with the obvious solution right in front of them, repeatedly screwing up, because the writer couldn’t come up with a difficult enough situation for them to deal with.

In “The Benevolent Deception” however, the characters are sharp, and good at what they do. I get to follow them on their difficult journey and empathize with them as I try to figure out how I would have gotten myself out of that mess, only to be surprised at how well they handle it. For me personally, that’s how books and movies should be.

Since it’s the first part of a series to be continued, I’m left at the end with the uneasy feeling of not getting closure, as I’m faced with a bit of a cliffhanger. An abrupt ending. Kinda like this…

(Except in the case of the book, the reader wants to get their hands on the sequel. With this review, probably not so much.)

Ten great quotes from Rework

Here are ten great quotes, in no particular order,  from one of my favorite books Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. I recommend it to anyone who works with anything.

I was aiming for a Top ten quotes but it was simply too hard to determine, so I settled for ten great ones.

  • “When you make tiny decisions, you can’t make big mistakes.”
  • “You ‘re not going to out-Apple Apple.”
  • “Big companies are obsessed with secrecy.”
  • “Meet at the site of the problem instead of a conference room.”
  • “Don’t be afraid to show your flaws. Imperfections are real and people respond to real.”
  • “No wonder so much business writing winds up dry, wordy and dripping with nonsense. People are just continuing the bad habits they picked up in school.”
  • “There’s a ton of untapped potential trapped under lame policies, poor direction and stifling bureaucracies. Cut the crap and you’ll find that people are waiting to do great work. They just need to be given the chance.”
  • “When everything needs approval, you create a culture of nonthinkers. You create a boss-vs-worker relationship that screams ‘I don’t trust you.'”
  • “Don’t create a policy because on person did something wrong once. Policies are only meant for situations that come up over and over again.”
  • “Don’t talk about “monetization” and being “transparent”; talk about making money and being honest. Don’t use seven words when four will do.”

Order Rework wherever you usually buy books, they’ll probably have it.