My voice pitches the headphones “Zinken” from Urbanears in “Zinken: The Box Film”

Promo video for the headphones “Zinken” from Urbanears.

This was one of the very few gigs over my career where I was actually directed to “sell less”.

Mind the Monster – animation short – lead character voice by me

The animated short horror Mind the Monster, with me doing the voice for the lead character, has been released to the public.

Full movie  Mind the Monster now available on Vimeo:


‘Mind the monster’

Far out, in a cabin isolated from the outside world, a writer struggles with his latest work. Strictly determined to create something frightening he roots for inspiration deep within himself.

Gbg Shorts, Gothenburg, 24 march 2012
* Screened
Frame Filmfestival, Gothenburg, 21 april 2012
* Nominated and received second prize

Christopher Papastefanou
Camille Rundström

Directors – Tobias Anderberg & Jens Isaksson
Art direction & animation – Jens Isaksson
Editing & post-production – Tobias Anderberg
Distributor – Willy Lukwago

Serenad Produktion
Lukwago Mediaworks

Christopher Papastefanou’s voice in Precursor

Reviews from the web:

“Quality voice acting”
– Game Front

“Some solid voice acting”

“I found the voice acting to be excellent”
Planet Philip

“The voice-acting was awesome”
User “HawkeyE” at Black Mesa Forums

“The voice acting is excellent compared to most.”
User “Skepsis!” at ModBB Forums