Unsubscribe email rule

Yesterday I set a new rule in my email application. Any email containing the word unsubscribe is marked red. That way I know what action is required. It takes a second or two to determine whether this is something  I want to continue receiving, and the answer is usually no. I Read more…

By Chris, ago

Never answer the same telemarketer twice

A drop dead simple lifehack for never answering a telemarketer twice, which I’ve been using for years. Create a contact named Telemarketer in your phone. Get a call from a telemarketer, and you more ore less politely tell him or her that you are not interested in buying anything. Every Read more…

By Chris, ago

Enough already with the successful attempts

I think it’s time stop using the words successful and attempt, when referring to mundane everyday tasks. It’s standard lingo for interface dialogues saying things like Attempting to log in, Login successful. To attempt something, is to perform a task with a substantial probability of failing. You attempt starting a Read more…

By Chris, ago

Ten great quotes from Rework

Here are ten great quotes, in no particular order,  from one of my favorite books Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. I recommend it to anyone who works with anything. I was aiming for a Top ten quotes but it was simply too hard to determine, so I settled for ten Read more…

By Chris, ago